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The assignment was to find the military records of my maternal uncle who served as a doctor during World War II. I knew he had served, because he was buried in Arlington National Cemetery, but I had no information about his rank or whether he enlisted or was drafted.

To cut a long story short, Karen Batchelor found a ton of information about my uncle, but not a single military record from all the usual sources! What she did find in the time we agreed on for this project was a very plausible explanation for the lack of military records - an explanation backed up by written scholarship from expert sources. And one that I could have never found on my own.

I can happily recommend Karen Batchelor as an experienced professional whose thoroughness and attention to detail are a credit to her profession.

Lorne Griffith

IT Specialist

Orit Szwarcman

When I first contacted Karen, I asked her to revisit research I did 20 years ago on family we lost in the Holocaust. I didn’t have any expectations that she would find something new. But she did. She discovered the fates of relatives I knew about, found several relatives I had never heard of along with some photos I hadn’t seen. Karen even helped me reach out to DNA matches to explore our connection. The information Karen found has helped me better understand the lives of my missing family and I’m still making new discoveries because of her efforts.

The passion Karen Batchelor brings to uncovering your family's history is both inspiring and incredibly motivating. I was facing a daunting and sometimes overwhelming task of connecting the dots of my French Canadian family history that spread across generations and continents. The research took on an air of discovery I never expected and that is frankly addictive.

Starting with an ancient book I found containing some of my family story. Karen showed me how to discover even more about my ancestors and their lives. Now my family research is much like a favorite book I can cherish, and return to again and again as I have time.

Thanks Story Mountain!

Michel Francois Soucisse

Kevin Gardner

Graphic Artist

I started working with Karen at Story Mountain because I felt disconnected from my roots. I have a very small family with no siblings or cousins and my parents don't know much about their history. I gave Karen some old family research from the 1920’s that my grandmother left to me when she passed away. Karen used that as a starting point and discovered I have ancestors going back to the earliest days of the country. She even found that I am descended from a whaling ship captain! Working with Karen showed me that although I stand at the end of my lineage, I have an abundance of family that I descend from.