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How We Work

I’ve had over 40 years of personal experience doing genealogy and hundreds of conversations with people who are also trying to figure out where they come from. The only consistent theme is that we are all at different points on the journey. And wherever you are is okay. That’s the good thing about Story Mountain - we meet you exactly where you are today. So take a look at the map below and figure out - 


Everyone starts here with the decision to discover more about their family history. Coming to Basecamp can be triggered by personal interest, a family story or memento, family events such as weddings, funerals, and the birth of a child or just plain getting older.

Learner’s Ledge
If you start research on your own as many people do, Learner’s Ledge is where you begin to understand what to look for in your family history and where to look for it – the basics of genealogy. Research, strategy and organization are important lessons to be learned here.

Research Ridge
You will make exciting discoveries and be inspired. Caution - Research Ridge is a seductive place that will lure you to stay with the promise of more facts. If you want your family history to be more than names, dates and places, though, you must move on to start creating stories of your ancestors others will want to hear.

Courage Summit
At this point, on your own or with help, you are committed to developing a family story about at least one of your ancestors; a story to share with a multigenerational audience of your loved ones.

Family History Slope
Here you merge the facts with the story of what your ancestors went through. What they wanted in life, struggles and roadblocks, good times and bad, choices they made and why, how their lives ended and how this all ultimately shaped their lives.

Basecamp 2.0
You made it down Story Mountain. You will probably climb it again to discover stories of other ancestors. After your first time up Story Mountain, you do not end up back at the original Basecamp.


Where are you on Story Mountain right now? 

Where do you want to be?

How can we help?