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Story Mountain is a multi-dimensional, multi-generational experience that transforms you into “guardian of the family” who connects past, present and future generations with family narratives of strength and resilience. We offer a broad range of services in the areas of genealogy, family history writing and guided autobiography.














 At some point, though, you may find yourself wanting to know more about your ancestors than just names, dates and places. You may want to know their stories.















It wasn’t until I heard about the unique process called “guided autobiography” that I realized we can write our own stories as we go along through life instead of waiting for someone else to summarize our life after we are gone.


" The way I see it, we descend from the strong ones. The survivors. The people who made it through the good, bad and ugly of life. It’s on their shoulders that we stand as descendants. Discovering the stories of these ancestors allows us to carry forward the legacy of their strength and resilience for the present and future generations. "


Karen Batchelor.-         



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